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Does a stress-free wedding sound good to you? Then a destination wedding is the right thing to do...

So you’re recently engaged, congratulations! You’ve already got the most important question out of the way, but what about the second most important one - where will you have the wedding? Where you decide to have your wedding will have a huge impact on various components, including size, style, and ambiance. Below are a few reasons we think destination weddings are the way to go.

1. Destination weddings allow for quality time with the friends and family you actually want to be there.

It’s common for destination weddings to have a smaller guest list, allowing you and your fiance to be choosy about who you invite, without hurting anyone’s feelings. Best of all, the people you really want to share your day with will undoubtedly make the trip for you.

2. Planning is stress-free (when you hire a wedding planner!)

There’s a lot of pieces that need to come together in order to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. A wedding planner is crucial in making sure the whole weekend goes off perfect and without a hitch - especially when you are planning your wedding in a place you might be unfamiliar with. A wedding planner will have knowledge about all of the best vendors, as well as be essential when deciding on setup and decor options. Plus, between email, phone calls, and social media, you won’t even feel like you are planning from far away!

3. Any time of year is beautiful in paradise!

Whether you’re planning a wedding for January or June, the weather is consistently warm and wonderful. So if you live in a cold weather climate, a destination wedding in the bitter winter months can be a welcome break, for both you and your guests!

4. Your wedding will be unique

More than two million American couples get married each year, yet fewer than 25% of those weddings are destination weddings. Dare to be different - it will be the wedding everyone is talking about for months to come!

5. This view… enough said ;)

For more info on what St. Croix has to offer, check out our “Why St. Croix” page.


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