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So you’ve met the love of your life, and made the decision to spend forever together, now it’s time to decide what style of wedding you would like. While a big, traditional wedding might be what lots of bride’s are dreaming of, more and more couples are turning to elope weddings - and for good reason. Below are just a few reasons why choosing an intimate elope ceremony might be the right choice for you:

  1. The ceremony is tailored to be exactly what you and your fiancé are looking for. Without the opinions of family and friends, you can make the ceremony just as you have always envisioned. You and your fiancé can choose whether you want the ceremony to be religious or non-religious, traditional or with some silly anecdotes added in, your own written vows or classic vows, and the list goes on. With you two making all of the decisions, it truly is your special day.

  2. By utilizing a wedding planner, the entire process is stress-free. We all live busy lives, and trying to plan a wedding can prove to be a huge job. With a wedding planner, choosing an elope wedding eliminates all of that craziness and allows you and your fiancé to focus on what is truly important - your marriage. You’ll be able to soak it all in and enjoy this special time for the two of you.

  3. Two words: Drama. Free. Family is fabulous- but at times can come with a lot of drama. Your wedding should be a day of joy and celebration, but unfortunately, there usually is a dose of drama that goes along with the process. You and your fiancé can relax knowing that you will look back on your wedding day as one of the happiest days of your life.

  4. Your wedding and honeymoon are combined! Lots of couples choose to elope in beautiful destinations, and make a vacation out of their special day. Combining your wedding and honeymoon into one eliminates a lot of stress, and ensures that you will have many great memories of your wedding destination.

  5. You can always celebrate with friends and family upon your return. Many couples choose to elope for the intimate & romantic feel of just being the two of you, and plan a party with their nearest and dearest upon returning home. This is the perfect time to share photos and tell stories, and if you chose to have a videographer, you could even show the video footage so that friends and family get a glimpse of your day.

If an elope wedding sounds like something you and your fiancé are interested in, STX Weddings can provide you with the perfect, intimate wedding. Visit our services page for more info and to book your dream destination wedding today!

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