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St. Croix - a foodie’s paradise!

STX Cake

What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Caribbean”? Probably beaches, sunshine, frozen drinks (or since you are reading this, maybe wedding)! Most people don’t travel to the Caribbean expecting to be blown away by the culinary scene, but that is not the case with St. Croix! With a diverse array of cuisines and fine dining restaurants, St. Croix is proving to be a popular destination for travelers with a distinguished palate.

The sense of community on St. Croix plays a major role in the overall “feel” of the island, and this is especially true every April when restaurants from all around the island come together to compete in the annual event Taste of St. Croix. This fun event brings food critics and top chefs from the Caribbean and beyond together to judge varying dishes and cocktails from restaurants on the island. The week leading up to Taste of St. Croix is filled with events and fundraisers in which many restaurants participate in, and both residents and visitors alike love to attend!

Although these events are lots of fun to attend, you can enjoy the wonderful culinary scene that St. Croix has to offer all year long. Whatever your taste may be, there are many great restaurants to try before and after your wedding date - just don’t be surprised if you become one of the many who comes back year after year to get a little taste of St. Croix!

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