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Celebrating Heritage

Just as July is a time to celebrate independence and heritage in the United States, we do the same here on St. Croix! Four times a year, the St. Croix community comes together to celebrate at a street festival called “Jump Up”, and July’s Jump Up is all about celebrating heritage and tradition. On the night of Jump Up, various vendors selling local food & drink, souvenirs, and handcrafted items can be found lining the streets. Steel drum musicians fill the streets with music, and Moko Jumbies, stilt dancers traditionally thought to scare away evil spirits, dance throughout the night.

St. Croix has a diverse and unique heritage. With a total of seven flags that have ruled over the island, various traditions have been passed along for generations to give it it’s own flair. The heritage and spirit of St. Croix is truly unique and unlike any other place in the world, and events such as Jump Up are a great way to experience the essence of our island. Along with being a fun way to get a glimpse of the history of St. Croix, they make for a perfect pre or post-wedding event to celebrate with all of your guests!

For more information on Jump Up and other events on St. Croix visit:

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